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 The accounting, finance, and reporting solution for investor backed brands

We provide customized processes, analytics and teams to quickly and sustainably grow your young, emerging consumer brand.

Discover the model that builds consumer brands

We build your accounting, finance and reporting architecture, taking the load off you.

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100% On-Shore

We stand by our service

From our house directly to yours. No outsourcing or third-party shenanigans here. We work very closely with all our clients to ensure you receive the best services top to bottom. We believe your team should be able to speak with your vendors and customers without restrictions.


Always investor ready

Full accounting solution from AP/AR through GAAP financials. Our industry experts will ensure we are setting up your accounting infrastructure to meet your growth objectives, and pass any due diligence investors might throw your way. Our financials are always investor ready.


Budgets and forecasts and cash, oh my!

While accounting tells you where you been, finance is determining where you are going and developing the map on how to get there. We focus on weekly cash forecasting, monthly demand planning and budgets that move and adapt as quickly as you do.

Business Intelligence

Collect. Analyze. React!

The glue that binds accounting and finance is the data. The core focus is building automated, customized reporting, validation of accounting process, and data to drive quick re-forecasting, and that’s just scratching the surface of what our business intelligence team does.


Capital Raise Support & Strategy

Our CFO’s do precisely what CFO’s should be doing. Strategy, Operational guidance and raising capital. Our CFO’s help when needed and move out of the way when not. To date, our CFO’s have collectively raised more than $150 million.


Make filing easy

Rounding out our offering is the Tax team. They ensure proper entity structure, strategy and timely filing of taxes. Combining tax under one consolidated umbrella saves time and money.

business intelligence accounting finance and reporting capitol raise

Our Proven Model

Our proven five-point model is a comprehensive process that produces success for scaling brands successful. We come in, we scale, and we slowly leave to allow the business to operate independently and profitably.

People - Process - Systems

We are system agnostic

Our team spans the US with bases in Anaheim, Denver, Boston, and Philadelphia to help us ensure enough coverage for quality face-to-face time with most of our clients. Our local teams are always ready to host meetings or hop on the phone. We are here to help you and strive for the best customer service during our regular hours of opperation as we believe a good work/life balance is healthy.

We work hand-and-hand with you to build and deploy process that will scale with you. We've done it before, we're doing today, and we will be doing it tomorrow. We are also a learning organization. If we find something new we like, we will test and deploy where needed.

The My Stage 1 Platform was designed with the successful entrepreneur in mind. We are first and foremost a data team. We know quick, highly-actionable data will give you an edge over the competition. Learn more here.

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