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 The Right Help At The Right Time 

  Transaction Services

What is Transaction Services?

It takes a lot for a business to succeed. Even when you do everything right it doesn’t always work. Don’t rely on gut feelings and guesswork.

If you’re asking yourself what the transaction services team does, there’s a simple answer. The transaction services team is our group at Stage 1 that’s fully dedicated to the seminal transactions that our clients go through. They want to lend a hand and provide that extra push you need to succeed.

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Capital Raise Support

We give an assist, you get a slam dunk

How it works

From financial modeling to investor introductions, our team leverages our vast experience throughout the capital cycle to ensure you are in the best position possible to secure the funding your company needs. We manage Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds.

Timeline: 4-6+ months

What we will provide:

  • Investor ready financial model
  • Strategy and deal structure
  • Premarket preparation
  • In market discussions/support
  • Due diligence pre and post
  • Post close administrative tasks
  • Weekly calls

Debt Facility Securement

We set so you can spike

Debt for the win

If your company is looking to secure debt to facilitate growth, we are here to help. We can advise on how to secure the right debt at the right time and ensure you are fully supported in securing the optimal facility for your company

Timeline: 3-6+ months

Due Diligence & Audit Support

Your lifeline in the storm

Due Diligence

At the tail end of any transaction comes due diligence to close the deal. Our team can expediently provide diligence requests to push any transaction across the finish line.

Timeline: post equity raise 30-90 days

Audit Support

An audit has the potential to stretch your team to the breaking point.  Our Transaction Services team can provide the extra bandwidth you need to keep up with the day-to-day while still completing audit requests in a timely manner.

Timeline: 30-45 days

Corporate restructure

Making the right turns

Time for Change

As your business grows or takes on external capital, you may find it’s time to restructure your business. Our team advises on infrastructure best practices to avoid the pitfalls of an ill-timed, or ill-executed, corporate restructure.

Timeline: 30-60 days

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