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We’re building a partnership of like minded, hard working individuals who all happen to love working with emerging brands.


Katy Triefenbach – Managing Partner, CEO
Jeremy Triefenbach- Managing Partner, CFO
Mike Tornatela – Partner, Finance
Melissa Ciana – Partner, Tax and Technical Accounting
Kevin Meurer – Partner, Business Intelligence
Annie Carlon – Partner, Accounting
David Bartholomew – Partner, Stage 1 Fund Manager


Lila Sharifian – CFO
Joseph Cohen – CFO
Derek Carden – CFO

Movers and Shakers

Cory Leber – Staff Accountant
Travis Comyns – Staff Accountant
James Bernstein – Senior Cost Accountant
Kristine Lyles – Accounting Department Administrator
Michael Chang – Finance Staff
Leo Phong Vu – Finance Staff
Andrea Tanurachman – Staff Accountant
Yordanos Tekle – Staff Accountant
Benjamin Prado – Business Intelligence Staff
Sharai Garcia – Staff Accountant
Alex Oldfield- Business Intelligence Staff
Austin Maestas – IT Support Staff
Maria Repelin – Finance Manager
Ariane Ang Lee – Staff Accountant
Julia Tkachuk – Staff Accountant
Taylor Dunn – Staff Accountant
William de Wit – Staff Accountant
Aroug Hussain – Finance Staff
Steven Santoianni – Account Manager
Igor Tsurikhin – Senior Accounting Manager
Josh Tsend-Ayush – Senior Technical Accountant
Ross McGuigan – Finance Staff
William Wang – Staff Accountant
Miriam Mensah Bonsu – Staff Accountant
Michael Hayden – Executive Administrator
Michael Tralli – Jr. Finance Staff
Matthew Crowley – Business Intelligence Staff
Matthew Carlon – Accounting Intern
Kimberly Carjuzaa – Accounting Manager
James Lowrey – Staff Accountant
Charles Cochran – Staff Accountant
Elmi Dela Cruz – Executive Assistant
Joelle Sy – Operations Manger
Zackary Michek – Sr. Staff Accountant
Courtnee Winslow – Staff Accountant
Nicole Giller – Staff Accountant
Mayra Ruiz – Staff Accountant
Seleste Giron-Schilt – Staff Accountant
Tyler Mapleback – Sr. Staff Accountant
Anita Brock – Staff Accountant
Joseph Calderon – Staff Accountant
Megan Wisniewski – Business Intelligence Staff
Emad Sarlak – Finance Manager
Natalie Wilson – Finance Manager
Aaron Naley – Accounting Manager
Heidi Garrett – Sr. Staff Accountant
Lacy Nitzel – Sr. Staff Accountant
Sarah McPhee – Accounting Manager
Kyle Meurer – Accounting Manger
Kathryn Jacks – Controller
Jen Wilson – Marketing
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Future Partners!
CEO in the making!
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