What to look for in hiring a tax professional

It is best to find tax experts who are licensed professionals that have years of experience and expertise in your specific industry. You want a professional who is attentive to your needs and questions. At Stage 1 our team of licensed professionals take pride in providing hands-on tax advice and enjoys building lasting relationships with our clients.

How to prepare and what the filing team will need from you?

Depending on how your organization is structured, the information that our filing team will need to prepare your Federal and State returns can vary greatly. However, the five (5) items below are the most common and are a good place to start:

  • Completed year-end books or year-end financial statements
  • Copies of prior year returns, if applicable
  • A capitalization table as of year-end or a list of owners and percentage owned
  • A list of states you are currently registered in
  • A revenue-by-state report and a payroll-by-state report

Schedule an appointment with our experienced team today to get a more comprehensive list of the needed documents and information.

Timing: to delay filing or get an early jump on it

Keeping track of all the State and Federal filing deadlines is a huge task and missing a deadline could be a costly lesson for your organization. The fines associated with filing late will depend on your company’s profitability and circumstances. What you shouldn’t delay is reaching out and scheduling a call with one of our tax experts to discuss the best timing for you and your company. Let our experts help you keep track of all your filing deadlines.

Things you might not know but probably should

As your business grows, you will need to make sure that you are filing in any new States that you are doing business in or have hired new staff. Determining State nexus can be complicated since each State has its own unique rules and thresholds. Let our team of experts help you navigate this ever-changing landscape.

The faster we get your info, the faster we can get started.  Missing information to complete your return can significantly impact your organization’s tax liabilities. A single document can change you from owing thousands to owing nothing. The sooner we complete your return the sooner you know where you stand. We also offer a priority service if you need your return completed in hurry. Ask our team if you are interested in this service.