Stage 1 Financial has always prided itself on working with impressive brands that are out to make a big impact in their industry. That’s why it brings us immense joy to share that Women’s Wear Daily recently published their list of Best Original Brands, and an incredible four brands that are either current or previous that are Stage 1 financial partners were featured on the cover. And three of these brands are Stage 1 Fund investments.

We’re so proud of each of these rock stars. They each have done an incredible job founding unique, empowering brands that bring something new and needed to the beauty sector.

Lila Sharifian, a CFO here at Stage 1, had this to say about their awards, “We at Stage 1 Financial are proud to have four former and current clients honored by WWD Beauty Inc as 2023 Power Brands – Saie, Dieux, Ellis Brooklyn, Scotch Porter. We are grateful to play a role in these talented entrepreneurs journeys as they change the beauty landscape with their extraordinary brands.”

The role we have been able to play in their growth and success has been rewarding, and we are happy to see that others are noticing how amazing they are.