Stage 1 Financial is constantly striving to provide greater value services and expertise to our community. We are thrilled to announce that our Transaction Services team has advised on significant transactions for two of our clients: Hiatus Spa + Retreat and Facile Skin.

Hiatus is an award-winning wellness and medical spa with multiple locations across the major metropolitan areas of Texas. To support the next stage of growth, Hiatus has partnered with Platt Park Capital, a middle market private equity firm, to become their first platform investment in the newest fund.

Facile Skin is a multi-unit dermatology and skincare boutique with a growing beauty product business based in the Los Angeles area. They have partnered with PhyNet Dermatology to help expand the number of boutiques through Southern California.

While 2023 has been a more challenging environment in the capital markets, the Stage 1 Financial team continues to deliver some of the most seminal movements for our clients. Our Transaction Services team looks forward to a more robust year for the capital market in 2024 and supporting our clients in their upcoming transactions. The Transaction Services team is poised to assist with equity and debt capital raises, partial or full control transactions, and anything in between.

Congratulations to the founders of Facile and Hiatus on their transactions, and we wish you the best of luck on your new paths forward. You can read more about the transactions via the below links.

Hiatus LinkedIn Announcement

Facile LinkedIn Announcement