We’ve Crafted A Better Way

Getting your products into Sephora is a major win, congrats! Working with them is a huge opportunity for any beauty brand. To get the most out of selling in Sephora, you’re going to need a little help. The sales reports they provide are not very user-friendly and that’s where we can offer you the most value. Like most innovation, we saw a need and found a way to turn Sephora’s emails of data into a clear picture with powerful reports of exactly how your products are performing. Working hand-in-hand with beauty brand founders and CEOs, we’ve developed these new reports to help you identify opportunities to grow at Sephora.

So you can take this:

And turn it into this:


Here are the KEY FEATURES we bring to the table:

  • Period comparisons
    • Week over week
    • Year over year: weekly, monthly, year-to-date
  • Velocity by period and by region
  • Performance by store type
  • Trends and rank by product region
  • Geographic analysis
  • Charts and graphs

Don’t settle for the way you’re currently getting your Sephora sales data. Let Stage 1 take you to another level and achieve more. We can show you a demo of how it works and give you the full picture of what this data could be doing for you. Email us at info@stage1financial.com to set up an appointment to learn more.