Our resident Sales Tax Expert Adrian Rivers has identified some important sales tax changes both recent and upcoming that we know you business owners need to be aware of. Take a look and update your sale tax strategy accordingly.

2022 Change:

  • Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Tax (CO RDF) – The CO RDF impacts all companies that make taxable sales in CO and their taxable product is delivered by any vehicle within CO. The actual RDF is a flat rate for each taxable invoice delivered by a vehicle in CO and the fee is due at the same frequency as the CO sales tax return.

Upcoming Change:

  • Exemptions – CO and IA (Iowa) are exempting diapers and feminine hygiene products from sales tax in 2023.

We are posting this in September of 2022 but we will keep updating this over the next month as more changes are announced. Check back with us for further updates.

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