The data and information your business has access to can feel overwhelming. We know the feeling. It can also feel like a huge task just gathering all of that data into usable reports, and then you are stuck with the task of analyzing, understanding and implementing that information. It’s no wonder some business owners cringe a little or roll their eyes when you bring up reporting. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Stage 1 utilizes best-in-class technologies and 10 years of industry experience to deliver the ideal reporting solution for consumer-based companies.

You can have all of your reports in one location and have them created automatically without gathering them manually. You can have polished reports created at the click of a button and ready to share with investors. You can even see valuable information on a much faster cadence than just monthly.

Our most popular service, customized financial packages, offers detailed views of P&Ls by classes, cash flow tracking, and working capital trackers; all with detailed drill-downs and stylized to your brand and ready for investor board decks.

Just look at how our reporting solution can take all of those different data sources into a Tableau dashboard. Then, out comes refined, convenient reports, premade for all the important purposes you have for them. It’s time to work smarter, not harder when it comes to your reporting solutions.

Stage 1 utilizes best-in-class data integration tools to provide live eCommerce reports to track customer acquisition costs, customer cohort behavior, and customer retention.

It’s more than just saving you time and improving your data organization. We also play a pivotal role in analyzing that data to derive actionable takeaways. It’s why we are experts in the CPG reporting space. Years of experience with hundreds of brands have given us the ability to help direct your planning. It’s why we are both a software and a service solution.

If you want to learn more about our Business Intelligence: Reporting Solutions, please give us a call and see what you’ve been missing. It could easily be the difference between securing that next round of funding versus having to continue bootstrapping your business.