A History of Raising Capital at Stage 1 Financial

We are a highly focused agency that specializes in working with venture-backed, consumer businesses. We have the privilege to see young businesses grow and succeed, but we also take a lot of pride in the help we provide our clients in securing more capital. As the saying goes, cash is king, and we aim to see all our clients become royalty.

Here is a brief rundown of how our clients have done in finding financing.

  • Total Capital Raised in 2021 was $79M, lead by Beauty at just north of 40M in total investments
  • This represents a 101% (more than $39M) increase over 2020
  • Beauty leads the way with an almost $30M increase year-over-year
When it comes to prepping, networking, and securing venture capital, we have a proven track record. We will continue to update this data set as time passes and more deals are closed, so keep an eye on this article for updates.