It is our great pleasure to announce that our client Sanzo has closed their series A round of funding! They have been doing amazing work in the beverage industry since their inception in 2019. They raised $10 million led by CircleUp Growth Partners and several other investment groups. 

Stage 1 Financial has been a strong believer in Sanzo and its sparkling water. Our Transaction Services team has been working tirelessly with them to obtain this round of funding. It’s been an amazing partnership that just goes to show what can be accomplished when a smart startup teams up with specialists who know the venture capital market. 

Our Head of Transaction Services, Kayleen St John had this to say, “We’re thrilled for Sandro Roco and all of team Sanzo on their latest fundraising milestone! This team is truly unstoppable and the Transaction Services team is proud to have supported the brand through the fundraising process. We’ll all be seeing a lot more from Sanzo as they roll out to nationwide distribution at Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Panda Express this year. Selfishly, we’re also hoping this might mean even more delicious flavors added in the near future– Cheers to team Sanzo!”

This new round of funding will bring new opportunities for Sanzo to expand into new markets and to explore new flavors inspired by Asian fruits and other ingredients from that part of the world. The future is bright for Sanzo and we are excited to be a part of their journey. 


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