It’s unnecessary to toot our own horn when we have clients like Try Bachan’s to brag about! Congratulations are in order for Bachan’s securing a new round of funding from Prelude Capital.  We also need to recognize our very own Transaction Services Team who was there every step of the way with Bachan’s helping them secure the funding. This success is well deserved. Bachan’s are making big waves in the barbecue world and this investment is meant to help them grow even faster.

We are committed to helping young brands find and secure the capital they need to grow and succeed, and we have a lot of experience doing it. This is the perfect example of why so many amazing startups choose to work with Stage 1 Financial and especially with our Transaction Services Team.

If you haven’t tasted their sauce, do yourself a favor this fall and Try Bachan’s. It’s a delicious and versatile sauce that can go on just about anything. 


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