Congratulations to our client, Hero Cosmetics, on their recent minority growth investment from Aria Growth Partners! We love to see our partners succeeding. With this new investment, they will be able to further scale their business.

Past, Present, and Future

women's face with hero product

Hero Cosmetics is eyeing a big year in 2021 with projected retail sales reaching over $80 million. Growth has come fast for their acne breakout skincare products.

Dwight Lee and Ju Rhyu founded Hero Cosmetics in 2017. They made it their mission to battle the stigma of acne and give people their confidence back with healthy skin.

“Ju, Dwight and Andy are tremendous entrepreneurs, and it shows in the quality of the brand and business they’ve created and the extraordinary growth they’ve achieved. We are thrilled to be their partners,” said Trevor Nelson of Aria Growth Partners.

“Fortunately, we have been profitable since year-1 and were in a position to choose a partner for their strategic value-add to help take the company to the next level. That’s exactly what we found with Aria Growth Partners, and we are thrilled to work with Trevor and Jackie to turn Hero into the #1 functional skincare brand,” said Ju Rhyu.

Where to Find Them

Keep an eye out for Hero products at key retailers like Ulta, Amazon, Anthropologie, and Target, and as well as at Herocosmetics.US.

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