relish food project

We are so excited to announce the integration of Relish Food Project into Stage 1 Financial. Like Stage 1, Relishs foundation is in the early stage CPG community. Founded by Dawn Techow and Cassie Abrams in 2015, Relish has been a staple offering outsourced accounting, finance and capital raising services to over 30 CPG brands in the food and beverage space.

“Stage 1 Financial was previously introduced to Dawn and the team from Relish Food Project several years ago. We have been so impressed by the growth of Relish and the admiration that Dawn and the entire Relish team has garnered in the market. It seems only natural to join these two companies and expand our national presence even further. With this integration, we are looking forward to gaining new team members to our family, continuing our growth in 2020 and surpassing all of our original expectations for 2021.” Katy Triefenbach, CEO  Stage 1 Financial

Relish Food Project is thrilled to join with Stage 1 Financial to build on the success of both companies in providing finance and accounting services to growing CPG companies. Cassie Abrams and I started Relish Food Project with the thought that CPG entrepreneurs don’t start companies because they love accounting. Our goal was to deliver the numbers needed for smart decisionmaking to innovators and thinkers. The integration of Relish Food Project into Stage 1 Financial allows us to fully deliver on this goal. I am so thrilled for my clients and my staff to become a part of this smart, experienced company and to grow together as a family.”  Dawn Techow, Co-founder (Relish Food Project), CFO – Stage 1 Financial


About Stage 1 Financial

Stage 1 Financial is an organization that delivers a fully-outsourced finance and accounting solution to young, fast-growing investor-backed brands. They have a fully integrated system that strategizes big-picture goals and handles the organization’s day-to-day accounting functions. Unlike traditional consultant models, their clients benefit from not one single resource, but rather the collective knowledge and skills of a team who can relate to the unique challenges that start-up organizations undertake. They not only give clients precious time back but also help bring structure to their organization.

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