With Senreve, women are now free to go about their day with ease, empowered to better live their busy, modern lifestyles. From phone and wallet to laptop and lipstick—finally a beautiful bag that knows how to multitask.


What we’ve created is a seamless blend of elegant design, impeccable quality and innovative construction. Our bags are sleek, structured and designed to carry your life in style. They’re also lightweight, travel-friendly and just as appropriate for a business meeting as they are for happy hour or brunch.

At Senreve, we are empowered women who are passionate about doing good, caring for others, and protecting the environment. As mothers and leaders, we want to do our part to ensure a sustainable and healthy environment for the future. Now more than ever we believe in taking care of each other and our planet.

From the first handbag we produced, we set aggressive goals to follow a more progressive and sustainable way of creating luxury products. We have a responsibility to shine a light on the negative impacts of traditional fashion on the world.

Fashion is a significant contributor to global pollution, responsible for 20% of water waste and 10% of carbon emissions. Twenty-one billion tons of textiles are disposed of in landfills per year. Additionally, fashion brands are notorious for burning billions worth of excess product. We stand by never destroying or burning our bags. SENREVE was founded on the principles that we could produce handbags responsibly, with more care for our planet.

Part of our mission is to lead and change the way luxury handbags are produced  – starting from sourcing our materials, working with ethical tanneries and factories, incorporating more circularity, implementing process innovations, and designing our handbags for long-life – committing to minimizing waste in every step.


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