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This episode’s guest is Adam Sidney, CEO of Myles Apparel. We talk about the ups and downs of Capital Raise and how to best prepare your company for it. Join us as we discuss how to edit a pitch deck, investor feedback, understanding your brand and capitalization tables (cap tables).

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Our partner, Myles Apparel, all started with a better pair of shorts.

Myles was founded by a group of friends who never understood why athletic apparel always seemed to fall into two categories: old sweats and tees that have been relegated to “gym clothes” status because they’re too tattered or ugly to wear anywhere else, or overpriced “high-performance” gear you’re almost afraid to sweat in and looks ridiculous outside of the playing field.

We wanted to change that, starting with the dream of creating the perfect athletic short—a pair versatile and stylish enough for workouts, the outdoors, and around town. We went to work collecting fabric samples and visited a garment manufacturer down the road from our home in San Francisco to get prototypes made.

After many tweaks and test runs, we were ready to launch our four-way stretch Everyday Short. We asked experts from the likes of Esquire, Gear Patrol, and Men’s Health to put them to the test, and we soon learned we weren’t the only ones ready to ask for more from their clothes. A few years and whole helluva lot of shorts later, Myles has grown into a full line of activewear made for making moves anytime, anywhere.


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