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We’re going nuts over Coloured Raine’s New Foundation and we’re not alone! With over 7.4M views their foundation video is taking Twitter by storm.

Even mega-star and beauty icon Chrissy Teigen took notice, tweeting “Whoa this is amazing. You deserve all the love you’re getting!”

And she’s not the only one obsessing over this amazing product, the style gurus at STYLECASTER are shouting about it too. “I love Twitter but usually it’s political commentary or maybe a kitten video I’m liking and retweeting. The platform isn’t the most beauty-obsessed place, unlike Instagram. But Coloured Raine’s foundation video is absolutely worth a second look. In fact, I think I’ve watched it a dozen times. And I’m not the only one. It currently has more than 28,000 retweets and 166,000 likes. To put that into perspective, most beauty-related tweets get 100 likes max. So what’s this magical video about? The brand’s new foundation…” –Elizabeth Denton.

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Want in on this amazing product? Founder & CEO, Loraine R. Dowdy, is kicking off a round of fundraising. And since we want nothing more than to see them continue to grow, reach out to our team to get in contact.

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