Finalist for Indie Beauty Expo 2018, our new partner SkinTē is the FIRST ever Collagen Sparkling Tea created to boost your skincare from the inside out.


“We believe that collagen is an important food group (seriously, like vegetables). So we set out on a mission to create products that would easily and deliciously bring more collagen into our lives. Why? We simply couldn’t find anything that provided the skin-beautifying nutrition we craved, was easy to consume AND tasted ridiculously good.


In the beginning, we made SkinTē just for ourselves. Amy, the natural and herbal medicine doctor, had just gone through a divorce and wanted to “reboot.” She was seeking ways to enhance her skin, hair and nails like her grandmother used to do through nutrient-dense food.


To accomplish this, Amy handed her dear friend Elizabeth a pile of twigs, leaves, roots, berries, petals, and collagen (of course). Unlike Amy, Elizabeth refuses to eat things that taste like dirt. So with moxie, alchemy, and culinary intuition, Elizabeth set out to make it taste amazing. The two women locked themselves in the kitchen and went through countless iterations (for reals—over a thousand) until they got it just right.


This duo quickly became a trio when Bassima, the business brain, serendipitously entered their lives. She was taking collagen for her joints while recovering from back surgery, but wasn’t crazy about the taste or texture of collagen powders and bone broth. She complained about it to her doctor—who of course, happened to be Dr. Amy Bader. Amy shared the recipes Elizabeth had been working on. Bassima was elated—so she teamed up with Amy and Elizabeth to transform this passion project into a brand. SkinTē is the delicious result.”


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