Lemon Perfect, an innovative cold-pressed lemon water brand that has exploded onto the scene in the functional beverage category, was named “Best New Product” earlier today at BevNET’s Best of 2019 Awards. BevNET’s annual end-of-year awards honor companies, brands, individuals and products across the beverage landscape.

“We are deeply honored to be acknowledged by the beverage industry’s leading and most comprehensive media company,” said Yanni Hufnagel, Lemon Perfect’s Founder and CEO. “The beverage landscape is dynamic, and we expect that on-trend, well-packaged and inclusive emerging brands will become the iconic brands of tomorrow. Our goal at Lemon Perfect is to be at the forefront of the ‘better-for-you, for everyone’ movement by building products that meet at the intersection of flavor and good-for-you. We are humbled and energized by the fact that BevNET has recognized Lemon Perfect in such a profound way, as we work toward creating brand ubiquity while disrupting an American beverage ecosystem largely dominated by high-calorie, high-sugar options.”

Lemon Perfect also announced earlier today the addition of two industry veterans to its leadership team. Dustin Canner has joined the company as its Vice President of Sales, after having served as the Director of Sales at Brad’s Raw Foods and Little Duck Organics. Canner has previously held positions at Health Warrior, Snack Factory, Vitaminwater maker Glacéau and Coca-Cola. Neha Soi has also joined the company as its Vice President of Operations, after having spent four years at Starbucks in their global sourcing department. Soi has also held positions at L’Oréal and Taco Bell. Check out the official press release on PR*Urgent 

BEVNET says…

“Even the really old, really good ideas can use the occasional refresh. Lemonade is pretty much as old and as good as ideas come, but this year Lemon Perfect managed to leave us pleasantly surprised with its polished, vibrant and eye-catching take on an old classic. They’ve smartly refined the basics — blending organic cold-pressed lemon juice with organic flavors and using natural sweeteners to reduce calories — and delicately balanced the formulation to replace sugar with erythritol and stevia without sacrificing flavor. Meanwhile, the brand’s slick branding and bright, inviting design gives it the vibe of an established player, rather than a new startup. We didn’t think lemonade could be improved without losing its broad appeal, but Lemon Perfect has succeeded in doing just that.” – BEVNET


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