“Find and pursue the opportunity where your passion meets commercialization.”

Lila (“Leela”) Sharifian

CFO Personal Care & Beauty
Stage 1 Financial 

Lila is an advisory genius in the beauty industry. Known for developing strategy, aligning resources, and accelerating growth, she is a pillar of support for growing companies.


Always start with passion. Always.

Lila (“Leela”) Sharifian brings 15 years of experience in consumer/retail, with 11 years focused on the beauty industry. She has helped brands such as Laura Mercier, Nyakio, and Cover FX across a wide range of areas including strategy, finance, home shopping, brand launch, and sale process. Lila has a Finance degree from Wharton and an MBA from Berkeley.


What tips do you have for other women who would like to start their own businesses?

LS: Find and pursue the opportunity where your passion meets commercialization. Passion makes the long hours and hard work fun. Commercialization ensures your business is financially viable. Then, believe in yourself!

You must be the driving force behind your emerging brand. Educate yourself. Build the right team. Then lean on industry experts. No one expects you to know everything. Working with the right people can save stress and set you up for success.


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