“It’s incredibly rewarding to be in a place where there’s ample opportunity for growth”

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Stephanie Lung

VP of Finance & Strategy
Y7 Studio

Stephanie is a guru of growing developing businesses through creativity and finance. Finding her ideal niche in the business world has lead to personal fulfillment, professional triumph, and successful businesses.


When transitioning with new companies, it’s important to know your happy place. It will lead to success.

Stephanie Lung leads finance and strategy for Y7 Studio, the premier yoga brand established in 2013. She oversees and provides overall direction for the Company’s FP&A, accounting, business analytics, and long-range strategic plan . Prior to her current role, she oversaw financial planning and business analysis for Blink Fitness, the premium quality, value-based gyms in the Equinox fitness brands. She earned a Masters of Finance from Saïd Business School at University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in the City of New York.



A Tribe Called Sweat

Tell us about a company you helped grow: How did you come onboard, why were you passionate about the said company, and what were your goals there?

SL: I’ve been in the start-up space for almost a decade, beginning in retail (both brick & mortar and e-commerce), then moving into fitness. I’ve been with my current company, Y7 Studio, for just over 2 years. I came on board when they had 6 studios in 2 markets, and they were looking to add a financial and strategic member to their corporate leadership in order to scale. Today, we’ve doubled our studio count, with an aggressive roll-out plan that includes opening in a new market by the end of the year.

Y7 was the perfect opportunity to apply my diverse skill set and experiences to be an effective member of a small team. I love joining businesses when they have validated that they have a good idea, but now need to figure out how to scale it into a great business. It’s incredibly rewarding to be in a place where there’s ample opportunity for growth because everything is an investment in the future and has the potential to add tremendous value. Once companies mature, their focus tends to turn more towards cost savings rather than value creation; and when that transition inevitably comes, then I know it’s time for me to transition as well.


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