“Balance is important, that includes self-care.”

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Ariane Goldman

Founder & CEO

Ariane is an inspiration to all women, both personally and professionally. Not only has she created two companies focused on huge milestones in many women’s lives, but she also made them sexy, sustainable, and successful.


Some of the best companies are built from basic needs the market is missing. 

Ariane is the founder and CEO at HATCH and Twobirds New York. She started her career at American Express, where for eight years she worked in the global firm’s marketing department. In 2007 Ariane left American Express to launch Twobirds New York. A collection of bridesmaid dresses designed to be wrapped in over 15 ways to flatter women of all shapes and sizes (thus, “killing two birds with one stone”). She solved the very real need of providing versatile investment pieces for the millions of bridesmaids who want to look and feel beautiful while celebrating the milestone of a loved one.

In 2010, Ariane was newly pregnant with her first daughter when she grew frustrated by the lack of stylish wardrobe options for expecting women. She saw yet another void in the market for chic, timeless pieces that women could invest in during pregnancy and continue to wear afterward. What began as a line of classics has now evolved into a full lifestyle assortment, featuring ready-to-wear, intimates, accessories and beauty.

Today, Ariane continues to nurture the growth of both Twobirds New York and HATCH. She is focused on developing the HATCH retail presence throughout the United States, where at its New York and Brentwood stores, she is creating a physical community space that provides education, information, and connection for expecting mothers and all women.


Celebrities who love HATCH

“We’re all about the mamas of the world.” – Celebrities who love HATCH

Do you follow a certain morning routine or daily schedule to maximize productivity and well-being?

AG: In the morning, I try and wake up before my kids and answer all the emails from the day before that I didn’t get to. Then I try to take my kids to school so I can feel like the balance is there. I’m also trying to become more selfish and allow myself twice a week to work out. Which, by nature, takes me away from my family and my job. But balance is important, that includes self-care.

Tell us about your first entrepreneurial venture: How did you come up with the idea, and how did you start your business?

AG: I was working in the marketing department at American Express when I got engaged. As I started shopping for my bridesmaids’ dresses, I realized there was no one actually providing something where my girlfriends could feel beautiful and look great without spending a lot of money and ultimately resenting me! I found fabric and got dresses made for my four maids who had four totally different body types.

The reaction was amazing, so a light bulb went off and I quit my job at American Express to start Twobirds New York from my apartment in the West Village. Twobirds New Work is based on the needs of millions of women to invest in an important milestone for a loved one, while also buying a dress that can be worn after the wedding—thus, ‘killing two birds with one stone.”


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