One of the most craved, sought-after foods in the world has been disregarded for its extraordinary health benefits. Cacao – or “chocolate” as we know it – has been savored by all cultures as an unhealthy, guilty pleasure. Chocolate was first discovered by the Mayans as Theobroma Cacao, “Food of the Gods” and eaten directly from the trees. Chocolate today resembles nothing like its ancestral roots. All cacao beans today are highly refined, destroyed by heat processing and pumped with unhealthy sugars. Chocolate as we know it, lacks any real bioavailability or vital nutrition.

Inspired by the Mayans. Rau is the result of hand picking organic, fair trade cacao beans straight from the tree, infusing them with pure organic spices; creating a concoction inspired by the Mayans – naked of all unhealthy refined sugar, dairy, and preservatives. Our superfood drinking chocolate is designed to fuel a truly clean energetic lifestyle. Bottoms Up!