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Blazing Our Own Trail

The founders set out to do something new for startups.

Our list of past and current clients has proven it was a smart move.

The Stage 1 Financial Story

An Idea Was Born

Stage 1 Financial was started by the husband-and-wife team Jeremy and Katy Triefenbach. After a year of employment at the sensationally fast-growing DryBar, Jeremy had the revelation that young, fast-growing companies need more than just a controller: they need a holistic approach to their accounting with a full team of finance, tax, and reporting experts. Sometimes great ideas take a long time to become a reality, and other times it happens seemingly overnight. Stage 1 Financial was the latter. From idea to launch only took around 6 months.

Something Was Missing in the Industry

Prior to Stage 1 Financial, early-stage companies had very few options. None of them were ideal. Most startups at the time had a bookkeeper, a CPA for taxes, and maybe a CFO consultant. This left the entrepreneur in the middle trying to tie all the pieces together and never truly having a full and accurate financial view of their business. On top of that, young brands need capital—and frequently. Layering the expertise to fundraise at the seed and Series A stage is when the lightning bolt struck Katy and Jeremy. They instantly knew this was the evolution that the market needed: outsourced expertise in all things accounting, finance, tax, and capital raise support.

From Acorn to Might Oak

Back when the company was founded in 2014, it only had five employees and 20 clients. Flash forward to today and there are over 100 employees and over 250 clients. What began as an in-home office in Anaheim has grown to four offices in Dallas, New York, Denver, and Anaheim. From those two founders, we’ve grown to be guided by eight stellar leaders. With their wisdom and experience Stage 1 Financial continues to flourish.

Katy Triefenbach – CEO

Jeremy Triefenbach – CFO

Pieter Theron – COO, CFO

Mike Tornatela – Head of FP&A