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Stage 1 Team Contact List

Your Main Contacts

Your Support Team

Q: Who/what is a Main Point of Contact?

A: This is the accountant who works most closely with your books on a day-to-day basis and ensures the completion of your monthly closes. He or she will have the largest overview and understanding of your accounts. If you have questions about your close progress, transactions, or general concerns, this is your go-to person. The MPoC may not be the most senior accountant on your team, this role is usually reserved for the account reviewer.

Q: What if I want to scope up, scope down or talk with someone about opportunities to improve?
A: Contact your Principal in Charge.  This is the principal at Stage 1 overseeing your account. He or she can help with any the big questions and concerns include: scope changes, team changes, and overall approach to the accounting. They are your strategic partner at Stage 1.

Q: Who are all these other people on my account?
 A: Stage 1 prides itself on building accounting and finance solutions that are not dependent on individuals, but rather a solid team process. Our multi-tier team system allows individuals to take vacations or sick leave without disruption to the organization. The team above helps to close your books as well as keep the four-eye policy in place to minimize human error.

Q: I still do not know who to contact, please help!?
 A: Our Operations team can always help connect you with the right people. Email our Operations Manager, (, and she will put you in touch with the right people.