Business tax filings are due – this includes Startup tax filings!

Even with the due date of March 15th behind us, we can still help with any filings! To help make sure your business is ready, here are some tips:

  • ALL companies need to file a return, Startups included even if you’re not turning a profit yet. Penalties for “forgetting” to file can be over $10,000 – Yikes!
  • Don’t miss out on tax credits, our specialists know how to save you money.

You will need the following documents for our team to complete your return:

  1. EIN Letter from the IRS (Employer Identification Number letter that the IRS created when you requested an EIN for your company.)
  2. Vital Business Statistics
    • Business Address
    • Shareholder SSN/Address info
  3. Prior Year Tax Returns (Federal and States, if any)
  4. Local Tax Returns (if any)
  5. Financials (only if not a current Stage 1 Client)
    • Full-year Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss Statement
    • General Ledger
  6. Capitalization Table