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Are you ready to handle your business’s Sales Tax?

How do I determine my physical sales tax nexus?

How do I determine my economic nexus post-Wayfair?

What are sales tax laws and where can I find state specific sales tax laws?

How do I register for sales tax in multiple or specific states?

How do I determine which states we owe sales tax liabilities and how do we determine the approximate amount owed?

Every business owner has had to ask these questions

The good news is you don’t have to know the answers, Stage 1 Financial is here to assist you. We help small businesses file their state taxes accurately and efficiently. Running your business is hard work and we know you aren’t an expert on every subject. That’s why you need our sales tax experts to lend a hand. Fill out the form to start a conversation today about helping you get on top of your state taxes. If you’re still unsure here are three reasons why we are the right choice to help you with sales taxes.

  1. Proactive: We have a proactive approach that helps your business avoid surprises. See around the curve and be ready for changes to the tax code, and be compliant ahead of time for new product lines or increased sales of an existing line.
  2. Accurate: We can layer in your financials so you get the right number to be paying sales tax on. Don’t overpay with inaccurate data. If you’re just going off of what Shopify says you are getting it wrong.
  3. Leverage: We leverage your other tools like Avalara to get you fast, accurate results that you can trust. Avalara on its own doesn’t know which of your products are taxable. Our taxability report will tell you every product you have that is taxable.

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