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Need we say more?

We work with 250 of the hottest consumer brands there are. We love our partners and want nothing but for them to succeed.

Featured Clients

We are excited to present to you the latest in clean haircare and styling. This EU-certified, sustainability-minded brand uses only natural and safe ingredients that actually work! Gone are the days of having to choose between clean or effective. This brand will be a true disruptor in the clean styling space, extending their mission all the way to its packaging, which includes hero products packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). The team is positioned and ready for 3x growth in their self-manufacturing facility and warehouse.

Financial highlights: 

  • We are projecting profitability in 2023
  • Annual revenue: 2022 $1.2m, 2023 $3m, 2024 $6.2m
  • Gross Margin: 56% in 2023

Pitch deck – Firsthand Supply

There is a shift happening in luxury brands. They are getting away from the ultra-rich and top earners and are focusing on who’s spending what they have. The answer may surprise you, but the younger generation, has a large appetite for luxury in all facets of life. We would like to present to you the next big luxury apparel brand ready to take the market by storm. Paris Laundry is capturing the “street” mentality and combining it with luxury that’s attainable for all demographics. With an organic celebrity consumer audience the brand is taking off quickly with shows in Paris and investors already into the company. They have an excellent studio space in Tribeca to showcase their clothing and drive sales. The team behind this line is well experienced and ready to be the next big thing, again. The brand is also rolling out their initial line in Paris this month during Men’s Fashion Week. The deck and look book can be viewed at the below link, please let me know if you would like to setup an introduction with the founder and fabulous team.

Pitch Deck – Paris Laundry Investor Deck

We are very excited to introduce an amazing children underwear brand – Nubies.  Founded by celebrity designer, TV show host, author and a long-time successful entrepreneur – Nikki Chu, the company is gearing up for a kids’ apparel line roll-out and further omnichannel growth. Nubies’s biodegradable undies is made with compostable premium cotton fabric, derived from sustainable sources and custom milled for the brand. It is ethically developed and aims to use only low impact dyes and eco-friendly recyclable packaging with a mission to reduce the negative environmental impact.  Not only does Nubies stand by better-for-you, better-for-environment apparel, it also emphasizes the importance of educating children to form healthy hygiene habits and care for the environment at a young age.

Please see the DECK and below for key highlights about the brand:

  • Revenue is projected to increase 8-fold in 2023
  • Launched in and Amazon in summer 2022
  • Further omnichannel expansion includes Kohl’s, Walmart, CVS, Nordstrom and Hudson News (Airport and Travel Retail)
  • Listed under Black Beyond Measure on
  • Recommended as The Best Giftsfor New Parents by Daily Mom in 2022
  • Among Top 100 Eco Trends in October 2022 by Trend Hunter
  • The most affordable sustainable biodegradable kid underwear brand among direct competitors
  • In 2020 Sumec, Nubies’ suppler has received Golden Horse Award for excellence in Social Responsibility
  • Nikki’ achievements include successful product collaborations with some of the most accredited brands (Disney, Pepsi, Moet & Chandon, Home Depot, NFL, Kohler and XBOX to name a few.)

It is with pleasure we present to you Nette! Nette is a female-founded luxury fragrance and lifestyle brand helping their community Take Good Care™ through products that are best-in-class, innovative, transparent, clean, and sustainable.  Nette was founded by Carol Han Pyle, former editor at ELLE and, and founder of CA Creative, an agency that focuses on digital marketing for some of the biggest luxury and lifestyle brands in the world.

Carol recognized the shifting trend away from legacy luxury brands to those that are better for you and better for the world, with luxury fragrance being a category with very little disruption. Having launched in December 2020 with great success in both direct to consumer and select retailers with their luxury candle line, Nette secured an exclusive contract with Sephora to launch their Eau de Parfum category in Q1 2023. The launch will be omni-channel, initially launching eight SKUs in 210 doors and 17 SKUs online. To support this launch, Nette is raising a minimum of $1M in capital.

As you can see, Nette has a number of strengths that show the brand is positioned and ripe for success, including:

  • A strong and visible founder with two decades in editorial and digital marketing who has built brands and knows the ins and outs of marketing in the digital world. Does not just rely on paid social to drive volume.
  • Sephora as an anchor retailer to support the launch of future SKUs
  • Rising, in-demand category that is starting to see the trend of “better for you” make significant changes in customer demand

Other highlights about the brand include:

  • 2022 Revenue is $0.7M up 177% over 2021 and 2023 projected to be over $2M
  • Average DTC YoY growth of 146%, with current CACs of $31
  • Other retail customers include Nordstrom, CB2, Bluemercury, Anthropologie, The Detox Market
  • Notable brand partnerships with the likes of Barbie and Tata Harper
  • Lean team (founder only) and very low burn at projected 2023 burn of ($100K)/month coming from adding a few team members, investing in marketing spend and inventory

Let me know if you would like to set up a call with Carol next week or the following to get to know more.

We are excited to introduce a very cool, highly disruptive alcohol brand – MIZO. Founded by first generation Asian Americans Holly Paul and Chris Tran, their vision for MIZO is to proudly share flavors inspired by their heritage and celebrate the joy and comfort of nostalgic memories. The brand soft launched at the end of last year and has essentially gone VIRAL. With cool messaging and highly unique packaging (RTD in a juice pouch), they have seen nearly 30m views across Tiktok and Instagram and have had retailers from around the country inbounding with requests to carry the brand.  The brand is now preparing launches in Walmart, Costco, Total Wine, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Ralphs, BevMo/GoPuff, and NEXCOM in the next few months.

Please see the link to the DECK, and some key highlights below:

  • Estimated 2023 revenue of $1M
  • Launching 300+ doors in 2023
  • Current velocities for single pouches in CA stores are between 30-40 pouches per week per store
  • Opportunity for industry leading margins (50%+) because of the pouch format (vs can/bottle)

With the innovative and driven founders and the strong leadership team, MIZO is well-positioned to be a dominant player in the better-for-you end of the RTD market.

Love to share information on a brand we are working with, TA3.  Founded by Leila Shams, 25 year veteran in the fashion industry, started her career in big fashion and recently in brand creation.  Her obsession has been about developing great apparel that delivers on fit for all women.  Since the launch of TA3, the brand has been on a torrid pace of growth, launching with $3M in revenue in 2021, $12M in revenue and $1M EBITDA in 2022 and tracking to $25M in 2023.  The brand has been bootstrapped by the founder to date and looking for the first round of capital.

Please see the deck. Would love to setup an introduction call with the founder.

 G.O.A.T. Fuel is the next big thing in beverage. The brand has surpassed annual sales of $10m and has recently struck a deal with a strategic partner making G.O.A.T. Fuel a national brand! The momentum of this team has garnered interest from GOATs in all aspects of life and is poised to continue to dominate the sports energy category. Please let me know if you would like to connect to learn more about how to become a fellow GOAT!

Nicole is a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits in the cannabis space, and Chris is a 30-year veteran of the natural product space, having led innovation and sales with Nordic Naturals, MegaFood, and others. They are now taking on our tastebuds with The Functional Chocolate Company, The team has developed chocolates that naturally help with energy, focus, sleep, PMS, menopause, and more! Their products pair clinically researched and patented ingredients alongside trusted botanicals and vitamins with ethically sourced dark chocolate for an indulgent experience that delivers real results. The Functional Chocolate Company has already established a foothold in numerous health food outlets and grocery chains nationwide, including Fresh Thyme, Harris Teeter, HEB, Kroger, and more. The Company is working on launching an exclusive line for children, new single-serve packaging, and powdered drink mixes of their best sellers. The Functional Chocolate Company sees itself as pushing the boundaries on both efficacy and experience in the emerging functional confectionary space of the booming Food-As-Medicine channel.

Side by Side – (Integrated Multi-Brand Pet Platform) is the only pet food brand offering a proprietary platform including a pet health assessment and the cleanest whole food ingredients with the mission to help pets live longer. For the third consecutive year Side by Side has been recognized by Association for Truth in Pet Food—a stakeholder organization representing the voice of pet food consumers at AAFCO and with FDA. The brand is preparing for a massive expansion phase – the company has recently signed a Term Sheet for acquisition of a dog treats’ manufacturing and selling company having presence in approximately 1000 locations all over the U.S. as well as in Canada, South Korea and Mexico.

Here at Stage 1 we are focused on fast-growing consumer brands.

We have earned the trust of some of the hottest emerging brands worldwide and have helped grow companies like HATCH, Lemon Perfect, and HERBIVORE from their first capital raises to becoming industry leaders.

Not only do we understand our partners’ industries, but we also immerse ourselves in them. When it comes to CPG and Retail, you won’t find a more experienced team.