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stage 1 volunteers team building

Giving Back With Our Partners

stage 1 volunteers team building

On Friday, June 15th, the Stage 1 Financial team left our offices in support of a greater cause.

The Anaheim office extends its gratitude and appreciation to the Anaheim Habitat for Humanity Re-store. Thank you for allowing us to continue our team building all while supporting your amazing cause.

Companies like yours are truly valuable in developing an honorable society. We hope your team had fun working with us too, and look forward to donating our time with you again in the future.

We truly appreciate your partnership, and thank you for letting us support you through team building for a cause!


Team Building – Grow & Develop

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup, cultivating the right team is a must! But it’s more than brilliant minds and big ambitions. If your team can’t work together, achieving a common goal can be impossible.

Successful teams complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is why collaboration and teamwork are crucial when building a successful business.

Stage 1 believes in building teams while supporting our partners. 


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Trying Glotrition!


That piece of information has literally changed my life. And I’m not being dramatic! It has transformed the way I care for myself, specifically my skin. It’s the reason I’m proud to share my age, it’s the reason I launched Glotrition Cellular Skincare, and it remains the driving force behind all the science based products we create here.

Before I tell you how this whole thing got started, there are a few important things I’d like to share. First, I want you to know that Glotrition is a family run company. I have four amazing sons who happily pitch in to pack up and send out orders, run errands, or whatever else I can bribe them to do. 🙂 My dad is our Director of Operations, lending his decades of business experience to make sure things run smoothly. Mom keeps the numbers straight, and I have trusted team members, who may as well be family, carving out new sales avenues so our phenomenal products are available to the most number of people.

We have two labs in Dallas, Texas. Our facilities are two of the most highly certified labs in the country. We have a team of biochemists, nutritional chemists, researchers and technicians who work diligently, breaking new scientific ground by creating our signature “Beauty From The Inside Out” systems. We are also dedicated to using only the best, clinical grade ingredients.

The Glotrition team uniquely combined:

  • Verisol™, a patented bioactive collagen peptide (digestible collagen protein that can be taken orally) to increase skin moisture, firmness and elasticity, slow the loss of collagen – and reduce wrinkle depth, with
  • Powerful antioxidants (to combat the free radicals that cause aging) , AND
  • Key nutraceuticals like hyaluronic acid and biotin to help promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

We knew our Collagen|glo Advanced Skin Powder would work wonders on the cause of aging on the inside, but what about all those signs of aging on the outside? We needed an effective treatment that would work synergistically with our Drink Mix, addressing the three main signs of aging skin:

  • Lack of Firmness
  • Lack of Moisture
  • Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles

Leave it to our award winning team to nail it! They combined the very best of French, Swiss and Spanish skincare technology to create our Age-Defying Topical Treatment with Phylaplex™, our proprietary blend of the most effective, clinically studied anti-aging ingredients available on the market today. This powerful blend contains active ingredients present in clinically effective amounts. This means if a clinical study done on a particular ingredient used 5%, then you are getting 5% in our product. Very few skincare companies can say that. And the results?? Well, just take a look here.

Glotrition is also committed to reducing waste. Our packaging is all recyclable and our beautiful glass water bottles ensure that you can Drink Yourself Gorgeous and keep the planet gorgeous too.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them. Here’s to beautiful skin from the inside out!



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Congrats to our Founder, Managing Partner, & CEO – Katy Triefenbach!

Katy Triefenbach 25th annual Women in Business Award Nominee

“I am honored to have been nominated and asked to take part in the Orange County Business Journal celebration of the 25th annual Women in Business Awards!

As a businesswoman at Stage 1 Financial, it is an honor for my efforts to be recognized by my colleagues. Information on myself and other nominees will be available in the WIB special report publishing April 15, 2019.” – Katy Triefenbach

Orange County Business Journal is proud to put on the Women in Business Awards and to recognize the top businesswomen of Orange County! To learn about the event and purchase tickets to join the celebration please visit:

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Congratulations Katy! 2018’s Woman Entrepreneur to Watch

On the 30th anniversary of the Women’s Business Ownership Act, NAWBO Orange County held the Remarkable Women Awards. We are excited to announce that our very own Katy Triefenbach – Managing Partner, CEO – took home the award for the 2018 Woman Entrepreneur to Watch!

This woman business owner has been a majority shareholder in her business or businesses for less than five years. Her young business demonstrates remarkable growth and innovation and aims to solve a critical problem facing our society/nation/world.

We couldn’t be more proud and remember to tell Katy congratulations next time you see her!

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Photos provided by NAWBOOC


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Supporting our partners!

Stage 1 loves to support our partners at every turn. The Denver team sends a huge thank you to the Watusee team for the great shirts, we will proudly wear them in mile high!


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