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It’s Budgeting Season!

Time to start building and/or updating your strategic budget. 

Stage 1 recommends that you budget yearly (ideally Q4) and reforecast monthly to quarterly depending on the business’s need. Stage 1 typically reports Budget to Actual to reforecast.

While accounting tells you where you been, finance is determining where you are going and developing the map on how to get there. We focus on weekly cash forecasting, monthly demand planning and budgets that move and adapt as quickly as you do.



Click our services below to see which option best suits your company’s needs:

If you currently do not have a budget plan with Stage 1 – that’s okay! We can create a full buildout of the budget and get you ready for next year.

30 – 50 hours, starting at $3,750 

If you currently have a Stage 1 maintained budget, it’s likely your business has grown and new moving pieces are coming into place next year. So, let’s be prepared. Now’s the time for a refresh! We’ll run a detailed process with significant changes to the structure of your budget and customized reporting to help get you set up for success next year.

10 – 30 hours, starting at $1,250 

Do you currently maintain your own budget, but would like us to review and provide strategic feedback as well as review the data driving the budget? No problem, we’re here to help! We won’t make significant structural changes to the core budget assumptions you’ve already created but will focus on making updates to those assumptions, working with and advising you to ensure your budget is on the right track.

10 – 15 hours, starting at $1,250  

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