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We’ll do the 1099s, you go relax

Don’t get stressed, we’re here to help 

1099 Filing Services

Get your 2023 taxes filed by the end of January 2024!

It’s always best to stay on top of tax prep all year round but let’s face it, you’re busy growing your young company! If we’re being realistic, we suggest getting your end-of-year tax prep ready by early November. The more prepared you are now, the more you can enjoy the holidays with your family.


By offering both personal and business income tax filing as well as 1099 processing for all our clients, we can let you focus on sales while we close out this year. Don’t get hit with unnecessary late fees, our tax team helps ensure proper entity structure, strategy, and timely filing of taxes. Plus combining tax under one consolidated umbrella saves time and money.

Sign up for 1099 services!


  • Base setup fee $400 (first year clients $700) 
  • $15 per 1099 process 

If you don’t sign up by 11/1/2023 There will be an increase in rates for a rush fee so don’t wait, sign up early!