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Annie Carlon – Partner, Accounting

Annie Carlon – Partner, Accounting

Annie Carlon is the VP of Transactional Accounting. She oversees the team of transactional accountants, which builds and manages the data that create our clients’ financials. The team also coordinates AP, payroll, and sales tax filing and payments.

Prior to Stage 1 Financial, she started Abaci Financial, a bookkeeping and payroll company designed to support the franchise industry. Prior to that, she had 7 years of experience working for a franchiser, managing a franchise support call center and a financial support team for franchisees.

Annie is active in her church and chaired a committee to install a school garden at her kids’ elementary school. She holds a B.S.B.A., emphasis in Finance, from the University of Colorado, graduating college in 3 years “with distinction.”

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had building a company. This is due partially to our interesting and dynamic client base, but primarily because the people that we are hiring are the best ones we can find,” said Carlon.