VAITAL Organics was formed out of a necessity to find a product that could deliver convenient nutrition for those on the go.

It wasn’t till our athletic careers were over until we realized that we weren’t supermen, and that we had to start watching our diets and putting an emphasis on healthier living. When we were introduced to Superfoods, the game was changed for us and we knew that this was going to be the next wave. So with a “hit-the-ground-running” mentality, we have been able to bootstrap VAITAL to where we are at today.

With the help of our naturopathic formulator, Reno Rolle, we set out on a mission to make living a healthier lifestyle more convenient and approachable while also making sure we kept things simple, clean and as efficient as possible.

The name VAITAL comes from the Rastafarian movement known as Ital, which centers around consuming organic, non-processed foods that increase the energy that lives in every human. We, too, believe that what you put in your body matters, and that pure, all-natural, nutrient-rich foods are the most beneficial to your body, mind and overall well-being.

VAITAL Organics is based in Los Angeles, where our goal is to re-VAITAL-ize the booming health and wellness industry, and to make a healthier lifestyle convenient, approachable and accessible for everyone. to creating Fhitting Room, our founder, Kari, was a recent Harvard Business School grad with an exciting marketing career at Pepsi Co. She focused on building equity for powerhouse brands and launching new product innovations.
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