Josh Tsend-Ayush – Sr. Staff Accountant

I completed my bachelor of science in accountancy with a business administration minor at the National University of Mongolia, School of business. I joined a professional real estate investment corporation named as  Mongolia Growth Group (YAK: CN)  which is a public company registered at the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada. That was my first job and I have worked at the company for 4 years as a financial analyst and accountant. Starting from 2017 October, I am pursuing my Master of Science in Accountancy at Regis University, School of business and anticipated graduation date at the end of 2019. While I am pursuing my advanced degree at Regis University, I have worked as a staff accountant for 7 months at CB Professional Accounting firm where I gained my knowledge about US-GAAP, US taxation, Accounting policy and Accounting systems including ERP and Quickbooks. As a young professional who is bi-lingual Accountant/Financial analyzer with 4+ years experience working in the real estate-backed investment industry and accounting firm, I have found my passion to start taking CPA exams to make my little contribution to a company I work for. I strive to broaden up my current set of skills and skills from the CPA exam as well as professional experience and knowledge.

I am a huge fan of basketball and ski. You can find me skiing in Winter park or Copper Mountain in winter time and watch me playing basketball only if I have some free time.