Our Solution

Transactional Accounting

The financial backbone of any business, small or large; the nuts and bolts that keeps your business running today, and as it grows. We 0ffer:

  • General Bookkeeping
  • Expense Management (ie credit cards)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Sales Tax

Operational Accounting

If weekly or monthly touch points are not enough, we recommend a blend of accounting and operations. In this capacity, we manage all daily aspects of your Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables. Examples include:

  • Accounts Payable Processing/ Management
  • Accounts Receivable Processing/ Management
  • Cash position reporting
  • Inventory Purchasing
  • Shipping Confirmations
  • Customer Product Purchasing
  • Order Entry
  • Ad Hoc support such as credit applications, insurance support and supplier setup

Managerial Accounting 

For businesses that need more complex accounting (COGS, inventory and charge-back), we offer process development, richer analytics and custom reporting to support your growth. Sample of items covered:

  • Complex Monthly Close
  • Cost of Goods Accounting (Full, Standard or Limited)
  • MCB Verification and detailed allocations
  • Audit/ Due Diligence Support

Finance Services

While accounting focuses on what happened, our finance team focuses on what will happen. A blend of accurate reporting and forward planning is critical for any businesses success.

  • Operating business plans
  • Cash management/ forecasting
  • long term (3-10) year planning and forecasting models
  • Demand planning
  • Production planning
  • Monthly reforecasting

Business Intelligenc

Our business intelligence team plays a critical role in all growing companies. They focus on the accumulation of data into a consolidated usable format for the benefit of all departments especially sales and finance.

Whenever possible data is delivered via the MyStage1 portal.

  •  Standard Reporting with Automated Financial Package
    • Financial Statements
    • Customer or channel profitability report
    • Sales Reporting Working Capital Tracker
    • Customer Behavior
  • Optional Custom Reporting (not a complete listing)
    • Sell-thru Data- CPG
    • Sell-in Reporting – CPG
    • Product Performance from Syndicated Sources CPG
    • Broker Commissions Reporting CPG
    • Employee Utilization Reporting Retail
    • Cohort Analysis Retail

Our BI Solution – Real Data. Real Analytics. Real Growth.

Capital Raise

For those considering raising capital to accelerate growth, we have extensive experience and relationships in the investor/accelerator process. We help our clients:

  • Making sure your numbers are accurate, rooted in data, and mapping out what is the investor return
  • Developing and sending out your pitch deck
  • Creating and continually building a list of potential investors, including online sources
  • How to have discussions and negotiate terms with investors
  • Obtain legal documents
  • Getting the cash, and then what to do with the cash

Our Capital Raise Support – Right Time. Right Resources. Right Price.

CFO Services

For those companies that need the higher-level financial expertise of a CFO, but don’t want the heavy financial burden of an internal employee, Stage1 can help. We provide CFO level individuals with extensive experience that focus specifically onCFO level activities only. Work is passed down wherever possible to keep the fees in line with your budget. Our CFO focus on:

  • Strategic support
  • Strategic financing (equity and debt)
  • Investor relations
  • Contract support and negotiations

Teams and solutions are built upon the unique needs of your business. We will layer in the appropriate team members and the appropriate hours to bring you a seamless, holistic solution that will scale over the long term.

Tax Consulting and Preparation

Our current Stage 1 Financial partners can now enjoy the benefit of our professional tax consulting, as well as income tax return preparation and filing.

  • Faster completion time—The Stage 1 Financial team is a cohesive model. That means our tax CPAs work in tandem with the bookkeeping team so that all questions are answered quickly and completely.
  • Decreased fees—Since our internal process allows us to be more efficient, quicker preparation and filing results in lower fees.
  • Our hourly rate is $200 per hour—This price, an excellent value by any standard, is available only to current partners.

Why trust your tax preparation to a company that doesn’t know your business financials the way we do?