Why is this model better than hiring a consultant CFO?

The answer is simple, security. With a team approach, if something happens to one individual, the entire system does not shut down. All teams have a senior executive team leader monitoring activity in the background to ensure your finances are being protected.  Plus, for the same price, why not get hire team instead 1 indvidual?

Do you require long-term contracts?

No. Clients are required to commit to 2 months’ notice period for termination of services.

What if I have already hired a CFO or Accountant?

No problem.  We can tailor our offering to either a full-service package, or reduced services that support and expand upon your current infrastructure.

What happens if I want to bring my Finance and Accounting in-house?

If and when that time comes, Stage1 Financial will work with you to create a transition plan ensuring you have no gaps in your financial reporting and activities. When a client is ready to transition into a fully in-house model, we feel that means we did our job well in creating the policies and procedures to make this a more profitable model.

How much does this cost?

Pricing is based upon the scope of work. We work with you to determine the right level of investment that is appropriate for the size and goals of your organization. We bill on a monthly retainer with no hidden fees. We regularly re-scope the work with you as your organization grows. We believe your monthly bill should never be a surprise.