My Stage 1

Staying true to our innovative entrepreneurial culture, and passion for helping growing brands, Stage 1 Financial is proud to launch My Stage 1 custom reporting.

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Customizable for your business

  • Reports are customized based upon a business’ unique operational and financial needs
  • Reports are  financial, actionable and provide businesses with initiative insight to help make more effective business decisions

Actionable data

  • My Stage 1 enables the integration of many data points within the business – financial, accounting, personnel, inventory, etc – eliminating manual processes, and providing an expeditious, more comprehensive view of a business both financially and operationally
  • My Stage 1 provides real-time information and scenario planning to all key individuals within the company, customized to their specific role, helping them make better informed decisions that have an immediate impact on their business, today and in the future.

Scalable for the long haul

  • My Stage 1 platform architecture is built for scale, enabling the system to seamlessly accommodate continued business growth, thus maximizing ROI, and eliminating the additional cost, time and headaches of migrating to a new system
  • Whether the demand is for more reports, and/or the business experiences an increase in the number of business units, an increase in the number of employees, provides more products/services, and/or experiences exponential sales growth, the My Stage 1 grows with the business.


  • How are reports accessed?- Via the My Stage 1 customer portal. You will have unique login to access your reports with real time data.
  • What is the pricing?- To build a custom report(s) clients are charged an up front “creation” fee then are charged an on-going monthly maintenance fee. Prices vary slightly depending on the complexity of the report.
  • What is the process?- Once engaged a Stage 1 team member will work directly with you to develop the report you want to see. Average timeline to create the report and your unique portal is 3 weeks.
  • How do you access the data?- We partner directly with a variety of POS, accounting and payroll organizations, to pull the raw data through an API.

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