Stage 1 team members are pumped to enjoy sweet treats from new partner Choctal!

When it comes to ice cream, Choctal is very, very picky.
They have always insisted on the good stuff. Rich. Luscious. Indulgent. With natural flavors that stand out from the pale imitations.

But even the best ice cream flavors on the market seemed lackluster when the Choctal discovered the taste of single-origin chocolates and vanillas. Made from a single variety of indigenous cacao or vanilla and harvested from a single region, these one-of-a-kind flavors are more intense, more complex, more exciting than any we’d tasted. Choctal knew at once that single-origin ice creams would be ice cream nirvana. And it was up to us to make them.

Choctál is born. The rest is ice cream history.
We built our company with a mission: to make the highest-quality product with the most delicious, single-origin chocolate and vanilla flavor profiles the world has to offer. So we sampled cacao and vanilla from rainforests around the globe. And we chose eight distinct, robust flavor origins—four chocolates and four vanillas—to launch our new ice cream line.

Choctal’s name is an homage to the ancient, indigenous cultures that revered cacao as “food from the gods.” They used this sacred ingredient in a drink they called “Xocolatl,” “Cachuatl,” or “Chocotal.” In their honor the name Choctal was conceived.

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