Doing Good Works joins the Stage 1 Family of Clients

Stage 1 is proud to announce their partnership with Doing Good Works.

Doing Good Works is a social enterprise created to use proven business models to empower foster youth, single parents and veterans to have a successful career. These underserved populations contain a wealth of talent that, given the opportunity, has begun to thrive and create great value for our clients and the community.

Their business model is to be a promotional marketing partner. With over 3,000 suppliers in the industry and new promotional products constantly hitting the market, they act as the creative eyes and ears for their clients.

Though they are a social enterprise, they are a for-profit business. Doing Good Works leverages strong supplier relationships to provide competitive pricing. Employees are trained to provide a WOW experience for our clients. By keeping our overhead costs low, they are able to provide the foster youth, single parents and veterans we hire soft skill and financial independence training needed to have long-term success in life.

Doing Good Works views employment as a way to break the cycle of imprisonment, homelessness and abuse that runs rampant in underserved populations. Creating a mission-driven business with a strong culture is a path to generating employment opportunities. Doing Good Works considers our clients to be partners in this mission to change the world.