Timree joins the Stage 1 Financial family of clients

Anaheim, CA—May 1, 2015—Today, Stage 1 Financial announced the addition of the Southern California based company, Timree, to the family of clients.

World Renown artist, Timree Gold of Newport Beach is sought after for the most personalized and custom gifts. Timree captures people’s memories and favorite things with her paintbrush. In 2011 Timree was recognized for her unique and creative style when she was named the Style Icon of Orange County. Timree was voted as one of the top 10 “Most Sought-after Art Classes” in the United States. Timree Art Studio is a unique space where people of all ages come to create and explore their artistic talents, as well as find that perfect custom gift.

About Stage 1 Financial:
Stage 1 Financial, founded by Jeremy and Katy Triefenbach, is an organization that delivers a fully local, outsourced finance and accounting solution to young, fast-growing companies. They have a fully-integrated system that strategizes big-picture goals, as well as handles the organization’s day-to-day accounting functions. Unlike traditional consultant models, clients benefit from not one individual resource, but rather the collective knowledge and skills of a team. They have built a team of individuals who can relate to the unique challenges that start-up organizations undertake.
Teams are structured into 4 key areas that work as a combined force to meet client financial growth goals: Strategic Services, Analytical Services, Accounting and Reporting, and Transactional Services.

For more information on Stage 1 Financial, please visit: www.stage1financial.com
For more information on Timree, please visit: http://timree.com/website/