WayFounder Joins the Stage 1 Financial Family of Clients

Anaheim, CA—October 31, 2014 —Today, Stage 1 Financial announced the addition of the Southern California-based company, WayFounder to the family of clients. WayFounder was founded by venture capitalist, Damon D’Amore to assist people from all walks of life that have ideas for consumer product and app solutions to problems that aren’t currently offered by existing products in the market.

WayFounder produces quarterly online competitions and sources ideas from all across America. WayFounder provides competition winners with a cash prize, a commitment to spend up to $50,000 bringing their ideas to market. Plus the winners receive a royalty on those sales. If a product shows the promise of scaling into a company of its own, WayFounder will commit up to $250,000 and bring aboard an “Executive Entrepreneur”—a Founder/CEO with experience in that specific category to take the business to the next level. The contest winner will receive founder equity in that new company.

WayFounder believes in the “Nontrepreneur”—everyday people who conceive solutions to pain points in their lives as consumers—who may not possess the skills, resources, or desire to build them into a business. WayFounder provides a platform and the resources for those nontrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Stage 1 Financial welcomes WayFounder as a client to help grow their business and the ideas that should be long-lasting.

About Stage 1 Financial:
Stage 1 Financial, founded by Jeremy and Katy Triefenbach, is an organization that delivers a fully local, outsourced finance and accounting solution to young, fast-growing companies. They have a fully-integrated system that strategizes big-picture goals, as well as handles the organization’s day-to-day accounting functions. Unlike traditional consultant models, clients benefit from not one individual resource, but rather the collective knowledge and skills of a team. They have built a team of individuals who can relate to the unique challenges that start-up organizations undertake.

Teams are structured into 4 key areas that work as a combined force to meet client financial growth goals: Strategic Services, Analytical Services, Accounting and Reporting, and Transactional Services.

For more information on Stage 1 Financial, please visit: www.stage1financial.com
For more information on WayFounder, please visit: www.wayfounder.com

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