Facialworks Picked up by CircleUp to Further Fund Their Business

Anaheim, CA—September 29, 2014 —Today, Stage 1 Financial announced that their client, Facialworks, has successfully been selected to be a member of the CircleUp platform to help further expand their business. CircleUp is an online platform for entrepreneurs to help fund their businesses. Accredited investors can sign-up to be a part of the CircleUp community, look at the portfolio of clients, and then choose the company they would like to invest in.

Facialworks began from inspiration by its founder and co-founder Meghan Mae Ellis and Jason Gilboa because they wanted to take the best of skincare and make it accessible, affordable and fun! They realized that there are a great number of people that are looking for skincare treatments and products that actually work, but are also affordable.

The founders realized that traditional skincare, of painful treatments and lying in dark rooms for hours on end, was outdated. So they decided to offer hydrating, oxygen facials that are affordable and are in a cool facial bar setting. Adding a social aspect to skincare added a new element to the experience of taking care of your skin—with others.

Stage 1 Financial congratulates Facialworks on their CircleUp investor(s) and look forward to helping to grow their business and expand more locations over the next few years. Stage 1 will be working side-by-side with the owners and investors to help manage the financial and structural success of Facialworks.

About Stage 1 Financial:
Stage 1 Financial, founded by Jeremy and Katy Triefenbach, is an organization that delivers a fully local, outsourced finance and accounting solution to young, fast-growing companies. They have a fully-integrated system that strategizes big-picture goals, as well as handles the organization’s day-to-day accounting functions. Unlike traditional consultant models, clients benefit from not one individual resource, but rather the collective knowledge and skills of a team. They have built a team of individuals who can relate to the unique challenges that start-up organizations undertake.

Teams are structured into 4 key areas that work as a combined force to meet client financial growth goals: Strategic Services, Analytical Services, Accounting and Reporting, and Transactional Services.

For more information on Stage 1 Financial, please visit: www.stage1financial.com
For more information on Facialworks, please visit: www.thefacialworks.com
For more information on CircleUp, please visit: https://circleup.com/c/facialworks/

Download the press release here.

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