Skin Laundry™ Joins the Stage 1 Financial Family of Clients

Anaheim, CA—September 2, 2014 —Today, Stage 1 Financial announced the addition of the Southern California-based company, Skin Laundry™ to the family of clients. Skin Laundry was founded by Julian Reis, Chris Carey, and Dr. Elson Lai based on two core beliefs: Everyone deserves to have beautiful skin and beautiful skin should not require invasive procedures.

Their goal is to bring bright and youthful skin to the masses without a long, exhaustive menu of options. In a nut shell, Skin Laundry provides the most effective and affordable, express, laser facial around. Some of the results a Skin Laundry client can expect are the cleansing out of pores, vaporization of bacteria, dirt, and makeup residue, reduction of acne scars, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, and melasma, reversed signs of sun damage and tightened skin, encouragement of collagen stimulation, and the facial ends with glowing skin.

The facial takes only 10 minutes—a facial on the go! They do require 2-6 sessions for best results and it is safe enough to have multiple treatments in a week until desired appearance is achieved.

Skin Laundry has 5 convenient locations in Southern California and new locations opening in Arizona and New York very soon. You can view their “laundry” locations by visiting their location section on their website.

Stage 1 Financial welcomes Skin Laundry as a client to help grow their business to expand and build even more locations over the next few years. Stage 1 will be working side-by-side with the owners and investors to help manage the financial and structural success of Skin Laundry.

About Stage 1 Financial:
Stage 1 Financial, founded by Jeremy and Katy Triefenbach, is an organization that delivers a fully local, outsourced finance and accounting solution to young, fast-growing companies. They have a fully-integrated system that strategizes big-picture goals, as well as handles the organization’s day-to-day accounting functions. Unlike traditional consultant models, clients benefit from not one individual resource, but rather the collective knowledge and skills of a team. They have built a team of individuals who can relate to the unique challenges that start-up organizations undertake.

Teams are structured into 4 key areas that work as a combined force to meet client financial growth goals: Strategic Services, Analytical Services, Accounting and Reporting, and Transactional Services.

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